Lauren Scruggs Scores New True Religion Jeans to Replace Favorite Pair 'Taken Away' in Accident


The fashion blogger, who suffered horrific injuries from a plane propeller on Dec. 3, wants to replace the blue jeans she was wearing that day

Less than a week after getting her prosthetic left eye, Lauren Scruggs, 23, is returning to some semblance of normality. Over the weekend, she wrote an "Inspired by Sunday" post on her fashion blog, LoLo, with photos ranging from a girl on a beach, long boarding, street fashion to New York City Fashion Week and designs by Prabal Gurung.

But there’s something more on her mind. Her favorite jeans! On Monday, she directed a tweet toward the True Religion brand jeans company, saying "My goal: to replace my first and favorite @truereligion jeans that were taken away in Dec! So hard to find the exact match!"

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True Religion noticed the tweet, responding later that day to ask what style she was looking for. "We want to help reconnect you with your favorite pair!” they tweeted.

We've contacted True Religion to find out exactly which style of jeans Scruggs is looking for. If this is the first thing she wants back, then these must be some pretty amazing jeans, right? Stay tuned!

Presumably, these are the jeans she was wearing on Dec. 3, 2011, when she accidently walked into an airplane propeller, which sliced the left side of her body, causing the amputation of her left hand and eye. She has now been fitted with a prosthetic arm and eye.