'Lauren' Season 2 First Look: Jennifer Beals Relives Traumatic Experience (Exclusive Video)


The web series starring Troian Bellisario and Bradley Whitford returns Friday.

Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario, Jennifer Beals and Bradley Whitford are back in business with a new season of WIGS web series Lauren.

WIGS, a scripted drama YouTube channel that launched in May 2012, features original series, short films and documentaries, all with female leads.

Lauren, led by Bellisario in the title role, returns for a 12-episode second season. The series tells the story of a third-generation soldier (Bellisario) who reports her own rape and ongoing assault by her superiors to her female commanding officer Major Jo Stone (Beals). Stone is forced to navigate the fine line between seeking justice for Lauren while remaining loyal to the institution to which she has dedicated her life.

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive first look from the first installment, which premieres Friday. In the scene, Stone reflects on when she was assaulted and by a superior officer, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy, following Lauren's report of sexual assault.

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