Lawsuit filed over fund for 'Terminator' rights

Halcyon also sues Pacificor employee for fraud

The Halycon Co., which owns the rights to the "Terminator" movie franchise, and its two principals Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, have filed suit against an employee of Pacificor, a Santa Barbara hedge fund it used to raise the money to acquire the "Terminator" rights, as well as the fund itself.

The two suits, filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, each seek more than $30 million each in damages.

The first suit, filed by Halcyon, accuses Kurt Benjamin, a Pacificor employee, of fraud and double-dealing, alleging that he misrepresented his experience in film financing and that, while claiming to represent Halcyon, he conspired with Pacificor CEO Andy Mitchell.

Pacificor provided the $30 million in financing for Halcyon to acquire the "Terminator" rights that led to the production of last year's "Terminator: Salvation."

The lawsuit alleges that Benjamin was actually an employee of Pacificor at the time and that he was separately compensated by Halcyon for arranging the deal.

The second suit, filed by Dominion Group, which is owned by Anderson and Kubicek, accuses Pacificor of wrongfully filing a lien on some of Dominion's assets in order to block it from obtaining vitally-needed financing for Halcyon.