Lawyer: Brad Pitt's Plan B Productions Offered Millions to Option Chilean Miners' Story

Representatives have made three trips to the South American country.

Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment is negotiating to buy the film rights for the story of the trapped Chilean miners, Santiago's El Mercurio newspaper reported Sunday.

The miners' lawyer told the newspaper that Pitt's company has offered several million to make the movie -- and that several miners may even be cast. Representatives of Pitt's company have already visited the South American country twice, and were expected to go again this past weekend.

Edgardo Reinoso Lundstedt, who represents the miners who spent 69 days underground, told El Mercurio he's been fielding about 10 offers per day.

The miners intend to create a holding company to distribute proceeds equally among them before deciding which company to sign with.

Plan B produced A Mighty Heart, Eat Pray Love and The Assassination of Jesse James.

Another film about the miners, Antonio Recio's The 33 of San Jose, went into production five days after their Oct. 13 rescue. It was being sold at AFM by Argentina-based sales banner America Video Films.