Lawyer health concern, rallies interrupt Spector trial


Testimony in Phil Spector's murder trial was canceled Monday because one of his attorneys had to see a doctor, the judge said.

Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler did not say why defense attorney Bruce Cutler had to see a physician, but he told the jury that court would reconvene on Wednesday.

Tuesday's session was also canceled because of planned immigration reform rallies in the downtown area. Last year's rally drew hundreds of thousands of people. Although the turnout this year is uncertain, the judge said courts were asked to cancel nonessential matters.

Before dismissing the jury, the judge also asked if any jurors had seen CBS' "48 Hours" last week. The show was not about the Spector case but included one of the prosecutors, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson.

None of the jurors indicated they had seen the program.

"Well, so much for their ratings," Fidler said. "Sorry about that for them, however that takes care of the problem."

The judge noted that jurors hadn't been forbidden to watch that show but advised them to avoid any rerun or any program about attorneys in the Spector case.

The judge also indicated that two defense witnesses had made television appearances and in one case there was agreement that the witness had spoken about the Spector case, but there was dispute about whether the other witness had done so. He ordered attorneys to make sure witnesses did not speak about the case.

Spector is accused of murder in the Feb. 3, 2003, shooting of actress Lana Clarkson at his home.