LAX to Build Paparazzi-Proof Terminal Facility for High-Profile Fliers

LAX sign at the Century Boulevard entrance to Los Angeles International Airport - H 2015

Airport officials expect the facility to open in six to eight months.

LAX will soon house a separate building (including private lounges and a parking area) for celebrities, diplomats and other high-profile fliers wanting to avoid the crowded main terminals — and the unwanted attention that comes with them.

The Board of Airport Commissioners approved a proposal to build the exclusive rest area on Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The proposal includes the construction of a 43,750 square-foot building and a 13,840 square-foot parking lot located at 6851 West Imperial Highway, which airport officials say will open in six to eight months.

According to the LA Times, celebrities flying through LAX will be able to drive into a secure parking lot and rest in private lounge suites until boarding time, at which point a shuttle will arrive to transfer them to their gate.

The privilege will reportedly cost travelers a fee as high as $1,800.

Other airports which currently have similar facilities include those in Amsterdam, London, United Arab Emirates, Paris, Germany and other cities.