LAX Shooting: James Franco, Chris Harrison Among Those at Airport

UPDATED: The actor tweeted a photo from being stuck on a grounded plane, while two "Mythbusters" stars were inside terminal three when the incident occurred.

James Franco, Chris Harrison and Fox Sports analyst Bill Reiter were among the industry insiders using Twitter to relay information from inside the Los Angeles International Airport moments after Friday's shooting.

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The actor posted a photo from inside a plane that was grounded outside, while Harrison wrote, "God bless first responders!" Reiter, meanwhile, offered a nearly minute-by-minute account of his observations from inside a nearby terminal. Mythbusters stars Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci were also on the scene.

Shots were fired Friday morning around 9:30 a.m. PT at LAX, prompting authorities to evacuate Terminal 3 and stop flights headed into the city from taking off at other locations. "Suspect is now in custody. Multiple victims," the airport confirmed on Twitter. According to CNN, a gunman (or gunmen) was targeting Transportation Security Administration agents. At least one TSA employee was shot but it was not immediately clear whether said employee was injured or killed.