'Lazytown' Founder Sells To Turner Broadcasting For $25 Million

Magnus Scheving, who plays the show's hand-springing hero Sportacus, will be back for a third series.


LONDON - He's the cart-wheeling, hand-springing, moustache-twirling hero of quirky fantasy world Lazytown. Now, Magnus Scheving, known to kids around the world as Lazytown superhero Sportacus, will be laughing all the way to the bank after a $25 million deal selling the Icelandic company to Turner Broadcasting.

Lazytown has become a global hit kids franchise, airing in over 100 countries, with a mission to persuade a generation of 4-7 year-olds of the value of choosing apples over candy and keeping fit over lounging around playing computer games.

Under the terms of the deal Scheving, a former European champion gymnast, will remain as chief executive of Lazytown creator Latibaer and will star in a new 26x30 minute series of the show.