LCD SoundSystem's Last Show: What the Critics Say (Video)

Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

One says they “know how to throw a party,” while a second dismisses their decision to play lesser-known songs. Plus: watch the entire concert.

LCD SoundSystem played their last show Saturday night at New York City's Madison Square Garden. They were joined on stage by Arcade Fire. What did the critics think of the three-and-a-half-hour show, which sold out in seconds?

"LCD Soundsystem knows how to throw a party," wrote Time magazine's Claire Suddath. "The dance rock brainchild of 41-year-old James Murphy has been shaking things up for over 10 years, first in the form of house parties (that is, if house parties can take place in a venue that's not technically a house) and now as a band whose last album, 2010's This is Happening debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 and briefly trounced Lady Gaga on the dance/electronic charts."

Suddath wrote the band's last concert was a "brilliant, bizarre adieu."

The U.K. Guardian's Katie Kitamura called the "atmosphere in the stadium on Saturday night was somewhere between joyous wake and dance party funeral."

The New York Times' Jon Caramanica noted the band played several of their least popular or unknown tunes. "It was, depending on how you looked at it, a relentless dance party, a concert for completists, or a test," he wrote. "Turns out there’s something dutiful and academic about using the bully pulpit of a final show to play huge and sometimes unpopular chunks of a band’s catalog."

Still, "The crowd was fervent; many in it came dressed in black and white, as the band had requested. All were prepared to sing until there was nothing left to sing."

In the end, the "bookends of this concert were thrilling." Watch the entire concert, below.