Lea Michele Reveals Post-'Glee' Plans

Mark Seliger for Harper's Bazaar

"I plan on playing every role on Broadway... I want to do movies, make music," she says.

Lea Michele may be graduating on Glee, but she's not slowing down her acting career.

"I plan on playing every role on Broadway. . . . I want to do movies, make music. Glee is only the beginning," she tells the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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"I don't stop. It's my nature," she says. "People have to tell me to slow down."

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The one thing that could have slowed her down: her nose. "How many managers told me, ‘Get a nose job. You’re not pretty enough’? But I proved them wrong," she says. She also discussed her looks in the THR actress roundtable; watch here.

Still, that doesn't stop her from joking about the Glee movie: "In 3-D, my nose is going to look fabulous."

Michele downplays reports that she's a diva like her character, Rachel Berry.

"People have to remember this is all new for us. We’re all reasonably young, except for Cory [Monteith], who’s old," she says. Monteith is 29; Michele is 24.

 “I’ve learned some lessons,” she goes on. “But people are going to say what they want to say. I know who I am, and I’m not perfect.”

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She's learning a lot from frequent Glee guest star Gwyneth Paltrow.

"I am obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow...I love talking with Gwyneth. She just gives good advice. She said, 'Don’t ever read anything about you,'" says Michele.

She says she leads a quiet life in West Hollywood with her boyfriend, Theo Stockman.

"I have a small life,” she says, adding that they usually just "cook diner, have wine." She also spends a lot of time with her Glee castmates. "I just want to be around them all day," she says.