Lea Michele's New Year's Resolution Is All About "Less Is More"

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Lea Michele

That applies to fashion, too.

Lea Michele loves New Year's resolutions. Like, a lot.

In her words: "I'm such a New Year's crazy person." 

But there's nothing crazy about what she's plotting for 2016. In fact, the 29-year-old — who was recently revealed to be the last remaining Red Devil killer on the guilty pleasure Scream Queens during the season finale — is practical, if anything.

"I always take the time to write down [my resolutions] on New Year's Eve," she explains to Pret-a-Reporter during a discussion that didn't include one ironic mention of that movie (New Year's Eve) she was in. "It's really fun to look back and see where you are and what you've done over the year and what you've been able to stick to. I’m really easy in that I don’t stick to goals that really are so impossible to achieve. I like to be easy with myself."

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Michele will apply that easy, breezy formula to many areas of her life in the coming year, she says during a chat for the latest campaign push for #ActuallySheCan, a movement she has been involved with since it launched last summer. The campaign, sponsored by Allergan, encourages empowerment by inspiring women to achieve their professional, personal, health, wellness and societal goals.

One of the focal points of Michele's personal intentions for the new year is fashion. Specifically, taking the stress out of the situation by dressing more for herself rather than others, she explains. (If her interview outfit is any indication — she pulled a white ensemble together from her own closet featuring accessible brands like J Brand and Madewell —  she's going to have no problems sticking the landing.)

How are you applying your New Year's resolutions to fashion?

I definitely love fashion, and being in this industry you get to have fun with clothes while getting dressed up for events. There can also definitely be that stress to always look good every day and be so 'put together.' It’s important to dress for yourself. I had seven months in New Orleans where I wore workout clothes every single day. I made a resolution to have my nice little street style each day and have it work for me and not feel like I have to fit anyone else’s expectations.

How will you do that?

Being comfortable is really important. I am very simple with how I dress. I don’t like to over-accessorize. I like to keep things very clean and I always want a nice good pair of shoes, jeans and a jacket. Kind of what I’m wearing today. Simple is what works for me. There’s a lot of pressure to take so many risks, but that’s not really me. I like to take risks on the red carpet when I’m doing photo shoots, but in my day-to-day life, I kind of have my little thing going for me.

You had a great year. How do you feel as 2015 comes to a close?

It has been a great year. I had my book come out this year, You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life, and like I said, being a part of this ASC movement has felt so natural to me, because it’s in line with all of the other things I’m doing in my life. Whether it’s this campaign or posting pictures on Instagram of me working out or my book, I really feel like I’ve tried to do as much as I can to live a positive life.

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What feedback do you get from fans?

I always get great feedback. But it’s also really great when you get to meet their mothers and they say, ‘Thank you for being that person for my daughter.’ I met a lot of people during my book signing this year, and they were able to say how these things have helped them.

You posted a photo on Instagram of you in the studio working on a new album. What did you learn from your last album, Louder, that you are applying on this new project?

I learned a lot from Louder. I’m such a fan of Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson, and I was really thinking about those women as I was making the record. I was so concerned with sounding like the women that I love and not really stopping myself and considering that maybe I should just sound like me. I was so inspired this year by Sam Smith coming out with his record and saying that the minute he was true to himself is when he found the most success. That is the kind of record I want to make. I am really so happy in my life right now, and that is definitely going to be illustrated in this new record. It will be a singer’s record for sure. I’m so excited, I could talk about it all day!

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