Camille Seydoux Debuts '70s-Inspired Collection for Roger Vivier

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Sisters Lea and Camille Seydoux

But Adele Exarchopoulos, who showed her support for Lea Seydoux's sister and stylist, sees the collab as more early 2000s.

Camille Seydoux — stylist and sister of Bond girl Lea — debuted a denim collection for Roger Vivier with a champagne reception-turned-dance party on Monday during Paris Fashion Week.

"I love the '70s, and I’m a huge fan of Jane Birkin," Seydoux, clad in Valentino, told Pret-a-Reporter. She based the collection’s aesthetic on a photo of Birkin in patchwork jeans and a white t-shirt. Never mind that the French fashion icon is actually British, but she defined the je ne sais quoi of the decade’s style. "I wanted to do something really fun and effortless, not for the sophisticated Parisian but the more laid-back girl."

The soiree quickly evolved into a dance party, with Adele Exarchopoulos leading the sisters to the front of the DJ booth.

Chalk it up to a generation gap, or that fashion cycles through, but the collection was more Britney than Birkin for Exarchopoulos. "I love the influences," she said. "For me, it’s bringing me to the time of Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child and J.Lo. It’s in the spirit of that time, and that’s what it makes me think of."


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Spears' Grammy glory days aside, the collection (available this March at Roger Vivier flagship stores worldwide) has patchwork cross-body bags and platform heels — a key to keeping it sexy in real Parisian life. "I live in the Marais and it’s all cobblestones, plus I’m a mama," said Seydoux. "The collection is super-comfortable because it’s a wide heel — you can actually walk in these and go to the shops and chase your kids."

As for any tips on intrinsic Parisian style? "Never be too sophisticated. Enjoy living life more than being fashionable," shared Seydoux.

Exarchopoulos seemed to be taking it to heart. Clad in denim shorts on a freezing night (no, really — zero degrees), she wouldn’t let the temps get to her. "I’m drinking, so it’s keeping me warm," she said with a tip of the champagne glass.


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