Lead Emmy Acting Nominees Linked in a Dizzying Co-Star Matrix

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Kevin Spacey Split - H 2015
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Kevin Spacey Split - H 2015

This year's crop of contenders create an interconnected web of TV and movie working relationships that'll melt brains, make IMDb addicts drool and create quite the communal experience backstage.

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If there seems to be more communing among actor types during commercial breaks of the Primetime Emmys telecast Sept. 20, it's likely because this year's lead acting nominees are one of the most interconnected contender klatches to date. With a notable number of Oscar winners or nominees in the lead races (13), a strong showing among fringier talent (hello, Bob Odenkirk) and a record number of black performers nominated overall (18), Emmy's pool is more diverse and more heavily stocked with former co-stars than ever before. From Transparent's Jeffrey Tambor and Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss' work in 1999's Girl, Interrupted, to Veep's Julia-Louis Dreyfus and House of Cards' Kevin Spacey's joint voiceover gig in 1998's A Bug's Life, to the prolific work of Olive Kitteridge's Richard Jenkins, this chart outlines the series, studio pics, indies and groaners (Malibu's Most Wanted!) that connect the contenders.

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