Three Injured After Movie Theater Leaf Blower Prank

AP Images

Witnesses said two to three men had entered the Newport Beach theater through an emergency exit.

Three people were injured in the wake of a movie theater prank over the weekend involving a leaf blower, CBS Los Angeles reports.

According to the Newport Beach PD, police responded to the Edwards Big Newport 6 movie theater just before 11 p.m. Saturday in response to multiple 911 calls reporting a man in the theater with a leaf blower.

Witnesses said two to three men had entered the theater through an emergency exit, one of whom was holding the leaf blower over his head, which he then turned on. The incident occurred during a screening of the psychological thriller The Gift.

According to witnesses, the suspect yelled, shook the leaf-blower and revved its engine to scare the crowd, many of whom ran out of the theater. Each suspect then exited back through the emergency exit door, police said.

Three people were reportedly injured as a result of the mass exit.

Police continue to seek the public’s help in identifying the three men. Anyone with relevant information has been asked to contact Detective Joshua Vincelet at 949-644-3779 or