'The League's' Married Creators Reveal Their 'Big Love'-Style


As FX turns 20, Jackie and Jeff Schaffer debate whether their marriage to each other is better than their relationship with the network.

As FX turns 20, fifteen of TV's top scribes -- from Rescue Me's Denis Leary to Louie's Louis C.K. -- reveal what it's like to write for a network that encourages smart TV (almost) without rules as part of a series that The Hollywood Reporter is rolling out this week. This story first appeared in the May 23 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

This year we are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary and starting our sixth season of The League. That's right: We've been married to FX as long as we've been married to each other. And that begs the question: Which marriage is better? Who's the better spouse? So we did a little comparison …

JACKIE: People always ask us: "How do you work with your husband/wife? I could never do that."

JEFF: No one ever says, "Oh, I could never work with FX."

JEFF: FX lets us reach for some insane goals and is not afraid of us making mistakes.

JACKIE: Hey, I let you spend a whole night calling that manager by the wrong name.

JEFF: He really looked like a Simon.

JACKIE: An FX notes call is always a collaborative conversation -- and if we don't take their notes, FX doesn't throw a tantrum.

JEFF: OK, they've got me beat there.

JEFF: FX lets us pursue our artistic passions.

JACKIE: No, I will not let you have your drum set in the living room.

JACKIE: Our marriage has given us two beautiful children.

JEFF: FX gave us The Shield. That show was awesome!

JACKIE: FX gives us the space to do what we want.

JEFF: I think I'm pretty good about that.

JACKIE: You tried to talk about a location scout while I was in labor.

JEFF: So … let's just say it's a tie. Jackie, Jeff and FX -- it's like Big Love, but no one has to see Bill Paxton's ass.

Jeff and Jackie Schaffer are the creators and executive producers of The League, which returns in the fall on FXX for its sixth season.

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