Leap year: 60th poster up in the air


A salute to the power of Photoshop as much as it is an homage to some of the most recognizable festival faces of recent years, the official Festival de Cannes poster for 2007 is something of a departure from the bold colors and abstract imagery of years past.

Surprisingly, given the fact that the fest celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, the collection of leaping actors and filmmakers on display really only commemorates the past decade or so. Even more curious, why are they leaping? Did Wong Kar Wai win the lottery? Is Samuel L. Jackson in the middle of a fully clothed cannon ball into the Mediterranean? Does Bruce Willis realize he jumps like a girl? And why are they all so damn happy?

Where's the angst, malaise and ennui? (This is, after all, a French film festival.) Still, the celebratory spirit of the poster is infectious and offers snobby cineastes the opportunity to impress their friends by knowing who that black guy in the robe is (for you simpletons, that's Malian director Souleymane Cisse).

So while we may not be jumping for joy over this year's entry, we applaud the attempt at revelry, however forced and weird it may be. Here's to another 60 years.