LeBron James Could Lead Player Boycott Over Donald Sterling, NBPA Exec Says (Video)

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LeBron James

National Basketball Players Association vice president Roger Mason Jr. tells "Jim Rome on Showtime" that the Heat star said he won't play next season if the Clippers' ownership situation hasn't changed.

LeBron James is could lead a player boycott if Donald Sterling still owns the Clippers at the start of next season, according to National Basketball Players Association vice president Roger Mason Jr.

"I was just in the locker room three or four days ago. LeBron and I talked about it. He ain't playing if Sterling is still an owner," Mason said on Wednesday night's edition of Jim Rome on Showtime.

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"If it's not handled by … the start of next season, I don't see how we're playing basketball," Mason added, according to CBSSports.com (CBS owns Showtime). "At the end of the day, you know we have leaders. We have player reps, we've got executive committee members …leaders of the teams, they're all saying the same thing: 'If this man is still in place, we ain't playing.' "

According to CBSSports.com, Rome asked if the players would feel the same way if Sterling's wife Shelly, who's fighting to retain her 50 percent stake in the franchise, is still an owner.

Mason responded, "There's no place for that family in the NBA."

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The NBA is currently working to force Sterling to sell the Clippers in the wake of racist comments he made in an audio recording that surfaced a couple of weeks ago.

Watch a clip of Mason's remarks on Showtime below. This week's episode of Jim Rome on Showtime airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m.