LeBron James High School Movie Heading to Universal

Associated Press

The pitch dramatizes the story of the Miami Heat star's early years as seen in the acclaimed documentary "More Than a Game."

A movie project telling of the high school struggles of a young LeBron James may have found a home at Universal.

Sources say that the studio is the front-runner and emerging as the likely home of the untitled project that has Dallas Buyers Club producer Rachel Winter and her husband Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter on board as producers.

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NBA star James is also producing with his manager Maverick Carter.

Frank E. Flowers, whose credits include gritty crime thrillers such as Metro Manilla and Haven, is behind the pitch, which has generated multiple offers and heavy duty interest, according to sources.

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The project takes its cues from the acclaimed 2008 documentary More Than a Game but dramatizes the story. It followed James and four teammates as they navigated high school basketball and high school life from their humble beginnings, and continued as James started his journey to becoming one of the most recognizable human beings on the planet and one of the best athletes of his generation.

The Miami Heat player already has a relationship with Universal: the studio is developing Ballers, a comedy to which James and Kevin James are attached to star.