LeBron James Is 'Going Home' to Cleveland: Hollywood, White House Reacts

White House Photo

It was the announcement that captured the nation, and even White House press secretary Josh Earnest shared the sentiments of basketball fan President Obama on King James returning to the Cavaliers.

The most anticipated announcement in sports since LeBron James made The Decision in 2010 live on ESPN captured the nation on Friday when Sports Illustrated broke the news that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The revelation that the Miami Heat's "Big Three" was no more even interrupted a White House news conference, as reporters asked press secretary Josh Earnest how President Barack Obama felt about the move.

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"The president is a big fan of LeBron's, he is like many of us … even those of are not quite as avid NBA fans, he is a fan of somebody who has demonstrated such skill and athleticism on the court, and the president enjoys watching him play," Earnest told reporters.

"He is a fine young man who carries the kind of professionalism that is really impressive to see. 

"The fact that he’s made this decision I think is a testament to the kind of values that he has incorporated into his life and that he says he’s interested in instilling in his children," he said. "So I think it’s a pretty powerful statement about the value of a place that you consider home," he added.

Watch video below of Earnest expressing Obama's fandom.

The news sparked parties all over Cleveland, with WKNR radio station breaking out in an uproar of cheers when Lee Jenkins' exclusive essay from James hit SI.com at 12.13 p.m. ET.

"My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now," wrote LeBron, who won two NBA championships with the Heat.

While four years ago, Cavaliers fans were burning their jerseys in the streets when LeBron announced he was going to the Miami Heat, they are all delighting in his return as DJs blasted "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" over the air.

Twitter was quick to explode with responses, comments and colorful memes about the return of the King.

Cleveland's newest addition Johnny "Football" Manziel was ready to get the party started.

While Browns teammate Brian Hoyer credited James' shout out to their state.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson lamented that his city didn't have an NBA team anymore.

Veteran sportswriter Chris Sheridan had vouched his reputation on the prediction that James was returning to Cleveland, and while he didn't break the story — he breathed a sigh of release.

@clevelanddotcom celebrated the return of the King to "Northeast Ohio."

Cleveland native Drew Carey said it was "time to un-burn" the jerseys.

Magic Johnson is already predicting the new "Big Three."

As did legendary broadcaster Dick Vitale.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert — who wrote an open letter to fans scathing James in 2010 — made his son happy.

NBA Countdown host Sage Steele said she loved the move, as "the kid comes home."

Actor and sports fanatic Michael. B Jordan was happy too.

While U.S. soccer star Jozy Altidore wished him luck.

ESPN's Stuart Scott reiterated the importance of going back to your roots.

ESPN's SportsCenter announced the "Return of the King."

While NFL.com paired up two of Cleveland's finest.

ESPN soccer analyst Taylor Twellman noted the irony of the announcement.

As usual, LeBron said it best himself with this powerful photo in a Cavaliers jersey.