LeBron James Mulls Buying WNBA’s Atlanta Dream After Kelly Loeffler's Projected Senate Loss

Loeffler, who was critical of Black Lives Matter, is a part-owner of the team.

LeBron James is among the professional athletes and celebrities celebrating the projected senate victory of Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar and actor even floated the idea that he may put together an ownership group to buy the WNBA's Atlanta Dream franchise. James put the idea out via a tweet, which included a picture of the team all wearing “Vote Warnock” shirts.

Warnock’s projected defeated opponent, Kelly Loeffler, is a part-owner of the Dream. She faced backlash from players and fans after she was critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, whereas James has been a staunch supporter. As of Wednesday morning, Republican David Perdue was trailing in his fight to keep his seat against Democrat Jon Ossoff. While most outlets have yet to declare a projected winner, Ossoff delivered what was essentially a victory speech Wednesday morning.

James has been criticized by President Donald Trump and some conservatives for his support of BLM. James has made it clear over the past four years he is not a fan of Trump or his politics. When Trump said he would not watch the NBA playoffs because he did not like the players protesting during the National Anthem, James responded by saying he was fine with that.