LeBron James Opts Out of Miami Heat Contract: Hollywood Reacts, Dallas Cowboys Offer Him a Job

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As the biggest name in the NBA explores his free agency options, stars from sports and entertainment speculate about where he will play next, and even NFL, NHL and soccer teams are welcoming him with open arms.

LeBron James announced on Tuesday that he is going to explore free agency and exercise his early termination option, despite having two years and $42.7 million left on his contract with the Miami Heat.

While this far from means that he's definitely breaking up the big three and leaving Pat Riley's empire, that hasn't stopped the social media world from rampantly speculating about where King James will decide to go next.  

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The four-time NBA MVP has yet to respond to rumors about possible teams in his future following the loss in the NBA Finals on June 15 to the San Antonio Spurs—but the Twitterverse is full of ideas, and not all of them are basketball teams.

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While the Clippers and Lakers could bring James to Los Angeles, or the Cleveland Cavaliers might lure him home to Ohio—the NFL, NHL and even the U.S. national soccer team are all vying for his attention. 

The Dallas Cowboys' official Twitter page welcomed James with open arms to the NFL, and has even created a jersey for him.

A number of NHL teams are after the 6'8" NBA All-Star, with the Columbus Blue Jackets, from his home state of Ohio, putting in a bid.

The Carolina Hurricanes said height is not a problem.

Jon Hamm's beloved team, the St. Louis Blues, have James in a number 6 hockey jersey already.

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While the NFL tweeted that he was just in time for training camp.

The U.S. soccer team could have used his help against Portugal on Sunday, and is making room on the roster for King James.

Some sports reporters weren't so happy about LeBron taking the focus away from the World Cup.

While cynics think his departure will drive Heat fans running to the streets.

Meanwhile Bachelor host Chris Harrison wasn't surprised by the move.

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