Lee Doo-young set for Puchon retrospective

Director pioneered Korean martial arts films

SEOUL -- A selection of films by veteran Korean director Lee Doo-young will be featured during the 14th Puchon International Fantastic Festival, co-hosted by the festival and Korean Film Archive.

A leading figure of 70s and 80s martial arts films, Lee won the ISDAP award at the Venice International Film Festival, and was selected for the Un Certain Regard in Cannes before Korean cinema came into fashion.

From his romantic debut film “The Lost Wedding Veil” (1970) to the historical epic “General in Red” (1973), his films crossed different genres and styles.

“A Dynamic Lee Doo Yong Retrospective” during the festival presents six of his works, including “Returned Single-legged Man” (1974) and “Manchurian Tiger” (1974).

From the early 70s, Lee emerged as a pioneer of the Korean martial arts genre. The action in his films showed a unique style distinct from Hong Kong martial arts films, and his early movies such as “Left Foot of Wrath” became a landmark for Korean action flicks.

“I’m proud to bring back the director’s digitally re-mastered works with intrinsic historical value in Korean cinema,” said the programmer Jin Park. “The retrospective’ will provide a special opportunity for the fans of native Korean martial arts films.”

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival runs July 15-25.