Leighton Meester Talks 'Single Parents' Finale, Adam Brody's Cameo

The actress joined The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the series, the finale and how husband Adam Brody got "hurt" during his cameo.

ABC's Single Parents is driven by everyday parenting moments and oddball humor led by Leighton Meester, Taran Killam, Kimrie Lewis, Brad Garrett and Jake Choi, and many families who watch have said it represents them well onscreen. 

"It's comforting. It's definitely something that we're broadcasting that this is what the show is about and it's not something that's been done before, surprisingly because that is what at least half of the world is," Meester tells The Hollywood Reporter In Studio

She added, "They're raising their kid either half the time or all on their own. Hopefully we're doing it justice [because] we do like to explore how insanely hard it is, and I know as a mom, but not a single mom, that it is the hardest job in the entire world and I can't even imagine not having help." 

Angie's (Meester) relationship to her son Graham (Tyler Wladis) explores that dynamic of single parents and growing kids. In Wednesday's season finale, viewers will learn a bit more of Angie's past and the reason she had to raise her son on her own. 

This is where Derek comes in, played by Meester's real-life husband Adam Brody. "It's this guy who's walked out on his girlfriend who's pregnant, so you don't really know what his intentions were. He's not the best guy," Meester says. His arrival in the episode titled "Ketchup" sees him face off against Killam's Will in a scene that Meester jokes, Brody "actually got hurt" from. 

And with where the finale leaves off, fans of The O.C. and Gossip Girl alums may be seeing the duo onscreen again. Says Meester, "It is a cliff-hanger. I don't know if it's going to be a good thing or a bad thing that Derek is somewhat back in her life or she at least knows where he is and what he's up to." 

Watch Meester's full interview above in which she talks more about the series and hopes for next season.