CES 2013: Lemmy Introduces 'Anti-Beats' Motorheadphones

Lemmy Kilmister - 2010
Marc Broussely/Getty Images

"People say we've never sold out," joked Lemmy. "No one ever approached us."

The loudest band in the world wants your ears.

Motorhead frontman Lemmy stopped by CES Tuesday for the U.S. launch of Motorheadphones, a branded line of headphones that are designed to appeal to both fans and makers of rock music.

"People say we've never sold out," joked Lemmy. "No one ever approached us."

The all-metal headphones will consist of nine products with three headphones and six in-ear models. Ear phones will range between $49.99-$59.99, while the headphones will run $99.99-$129.99. While they're been available in Europe since last fall, they won't begin shipping in the U.S. until April.

Most models will be smartphone-ready, while two of the headphones will be equipped with a newly developed microphone remote control called the 'Controlizer'.

The road to Motorheadphones started roughly 18 months ago, when CEO Ulf Sandberg and Brand manager Andres Nicklassen reached out to Mickey D, the band's drummer, who spoke with the rest of the band. Talks moved forward from there.

The headphones focus is on midrange sounds, rather than the bass favored by brands like Beats. An overemphasis on bass, noted Nicklassen, takes the soul out of rock.

Lemmy phrased it a bit more directly: "It's like you're listening through a towel."

Sandberg and Nicklassen say they chose to approach Motorhead chiefly because of the band's longevity and its distinctive voice in the world of rock.

Lemmy kept a low-key approach during the presentation, mostly posing for pictures, but joked around any fears that the brand might not satisfy the band's demanding fans.

"I hope [Sandberg and Nicklassen] made 'em right," he said. "It sucks killing people."