Lena Dunham Loves: Taylor Swift and Free Clothes

Terry Richardson/V Magazine

The "Girls" creator is not at all ironic about her love for the pop star's music and she wears all the free clothes she's given.

Lena Dunham's Twitter followers were surprised and confused by her recent tweet praising pop princess Taylor Swift's new album, Red.

But Dunham is dead serious about her friendship with her new Twitter pal Swift.

"We have DM’ed." the Girls Emmy nominated creator told V magazine.  "I’m a really big fan. She started following me and here’s how you find out Taylor Swift is following you. You start hearing from all the insane Taylor Swift fans that are like, ‘If Taylor Swift loves you, I love you. “

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So Dunham sent Swift a message. "I was like, I just want to let you know that your albums have gotten me through a lot of very hard times.”

She continued: "When I tweeted that her new album was amazing, every one of my Twitter followers were like, 'I so hope that you’re joking.' But I have no interest in liking anything ironically. If I wanted to be ironic, I’d grow a moustache."

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She is also not being ironic when she promises to wear any and all free clothing sent to her. As long as it fits. And apparently, there has been a lot of freebies heading her way.

"They actually send them in my size," Dunham marveled to V. "No one is being an asshole and sending them to me in a four. They’re sending me clothes, they fit and what people should know is that I always wear them. Somehow even if I wouldn’t have bought it, the fact that it was free and my grandma’s Depression-era mentality makes me think it is the most beautiful thing I ever owened and I wear it for several days straight."

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She is currently working on her new book, entitled Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned, due out whenever she finishes. Perhaps we'll see some of her new free gear on writing breaks in New York City.