Lena Dunham Throws Shade at the Fat Jew With Epic Tweet

lena dunham Golden Globes - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

lena dunham Golden Globes - H 2015

Mic drop.

Following the news that The Fat Jew (real name Josh Ostrovsky) had signed with talent agency CAA, comedians have taken to Twitter in droves to criticize the Instagram star for "stealing" jokes from others and simply aggregating them on his account, @thefatjewish

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Though she was a little late to the game, Lena Dunham got in on the Twitter action too with the perfect tweet for the vertical ponytail trailblazer, managing to call him out for both body shaming her and for ripping off comedians. Dunham said, "I unfollowed the Fat Jew years ago because he called me fat. Not I know it prolly wasn't even him :(." 

In the words of That '70s Show era Ashton Kutcher: "Burn!

And, ICYMI, the tweet Dunham is referencing (posted way back in 2013) said, "Watching Lena Dunham's nude scenes in "Girls" marks the first time i've ever considered switching back to a low-definition television."