Paris Resident Lenny Kravitz on Attacks: "It Could Happen Anywhere"

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"I live my life onstage and in venues, and these things can happen."

Lenny Kravitz talked about the city he calls home, Paris, and the recent terrorist attacks that occurred there in a new op-ed published in Rolling Stone.

Kravitz splits his time between living in Paris and the Bahamas. Dictating his story to journalist David Browne, Kravitz said he considers Paris his "only city home." He recounted how he heard about the attacks before they hit the news via a Parisian friend while he was in the Bahamas.

The musician said hearing the stories of people who were coaxed into seeing the show at the Bataclan theater and then died "hit a chord" with him. "I'm deeply concerned," said Kravitz. "I think, at this point, it could happen anywhere. I live my life onstage and in venues, and these things can happen. And they're being chosen as targets."

Nevertheless, Kravitz said he is not concerned about returning to Paris, pointing out that he was in New York for 9/11. However, he said, "Life is changing."

"You'll definitely think about it when you're sitting in a cafe or in a restaurant," said Kravitz. "Obviously, we're talking about France and these people, but at the same time, these things are going on all over, in Lebanon, Syria, Africa. I'm concerned about this on every level for everybody. It's not just 'Pray for Paris' — it's 'Pray for the world.' "