Leonard Nimoy Attends His Final 'Star Trek' Convention

David Livingston/Getty Images

The 80-year-old actor played Mr. Spock on the sci-fi television series and in several movies.

Leonard Nimoy attended his final Star Trek convention this past weekend in Illinois.

The 80-year-old actor, who portrayed Mr. Spock on the sci-fi television series and in several movies, held a photography seminar Saturday evening and gave an hour-long speech about his life and on Sunday at the event, which celebrated the 45th anniversary of Star Trek.

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Nimoy has said the convention appearance would be his last. He thanked fans for their support and uttered his Vulcan character's famous line, "Live long and prosper," notes the Associated Press.

While he was bidding farewell to Star Trek faithful, Nimoy's personal art collection was part of the Pacific Standard Time museum extravaganza held this weekend in Los Angeles. The invite-only VIP Access program gave tours of the art holdings of names such as Nimoy, Michael Ovitz, attorney Alan Hergott and producers Gail and Tony Ganz.

Besides collecting art, Nimoy is also a director, photographer, poet, and philanthropist. He and his wife Susan donated $1 million to the Griffith Observatory in 2001 for its renovation and expansion, and the 200-seat Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater is now named in his honor.