Chris Pine Plays a Dysfunctional Employee in New PSA Targeting Congress From Joss Whedon Super PAC

LEONARD - Chris Pine - Save The Day - H - 2016
Courtesy of Save the Day

The ad says that if Leonard, the human embodiment of Congress, were an employee, he'd be fired.

Chris Pine plays the supposed human embodiment of today's Congress — dysfunctional, irrational and inappropriate — in a new PSA from Joss Whedon's super PAC "Save the Day."

In the ad, Pine stars as Leonard, an employee whom people had high hopes for just after he was hired. "Then right away, there were issues," says Alan Tudyk's character.

Leonard starts throwing temper tantrums about health care ideas, threatening to shut down the company and blocking other employees from removing a dangerous fire-hazard microwave. When "Bob," a man hired to untangle legal issues, comes into the office, Leonard pitches a fit.

"I hate Bob," screams Leonard, acting like a child. Why? "Because you chose him," Leonard says. "I want a cool boss that will pick someone that I like." He is frightened and aroused by a gender-neutral bathroom sign and chases a female employee around shouting, "I'm the boss of your whole body."

The ad points out that if Leonard were an employee, he'd be fired. And the team gets together to do just that.

"You can't do anything to me or my cool tie," Leonard taunts when he walks into a conference room. "See, we all got together and we voted," Tudyk's character replies.

"Oh, shit," Leonard replies.

Whedon launched the super PAC in September, encouraging people to vote with a series of celebrity-filled videos.