Leonardo DiCaprio-Produced 'The Ivory Game' Follows Movement to Stop the Trade (Exclusive Clip)

"Making this movie was a very, very courageous thing to do," says world-renowned environmental activist Jane Goodall in the featurette.

In The Ivory Game, the Tanzania Secret Police and an underground Chinese activist are among those documented trying to bring down poachers and the ivory cartels. 

"We have people that are fighting on the front line against poachers. People whose lives are on the line," explains co-director Kief Davidson in a featurette for the doc, which was recently shortlisted for Oscar consideration.

"They are prepared to shoot at you and you have to be prepared to shoot back," says an anonymous voice, over images of gun-carrying activists and poachers.

Leonardo DiCaprio is among the producers of the feature, which a is a deep dive into the underground world of the illegal ivory trade and those who are trying to take it down.

World-renowned environmental activist Jane Goodall throws her support behind the production, saying, "Making this movie was a very, very courageous thing to do."

The Ivory Game is currently streaming on Netflix.