Leonardo DiCaprio to Receive 'Russian Oscar'

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Leonardo DiCaprio

A theater troupe made the "Wolf of Wall Street" star an honorary member after he lost his fifth Academy Award on Sunday.

MOSCOW – As consolation for Leonardo DiCaprio losing his fifth Oscar at this year's ceremony, theater actors in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk made the Wolf of Wall Street star "an honorary member" of their troupe, offered him parts and plan to send him a cast-iron "Russian Oscar" statuette.

The Chamber Theater, located in the city best known for being the site of a meteorite landing a year ago, said that the U.S. actor can now attend all the theater's performances for free and use the theater's name in publicity campaigns, and he is welcome to act in their productions.

“As Leonardo does not speak Russian, we can start with offering him a wordless part of a servant in the play Plennye Dukhi (Captive Spirits),” the theater's spokesman Yury Sychev was quoted as saying by local publication Khoroshiye Novosti.

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Sychev added that the theater would later consider the actor for the main parts in the plays Intrigue and Love by Friedrich Schiller and Shkola dlya Durakov (School for Fools) by Russian author Sasha Sokolov. “Learning a part in a foreign language without knowing what it says shouldn't be a problem for a true actor,” he said.

According to Sychev, the theater's actors purchased a statuette similar to an Oscar, manufactured by a local company, and plan to send it to DiCaprio. The cast-iron statuette weighs 1.5 kilograms and represents a muscled male figure. “This strong-willed 'Russian Oscar' is to remind DiCaprio that he has to move on in spite of all hardships,” Sychev said.