Leonardo DiCaprio slasher cries cover-up

Ex-model claimed in court Mon. that actor instigated attack

Aretha Wilson, the former model accused of slashing "Inception" star Leonardo DiCaprio with a drinking glass at a 2005 Hollywood party, claimed in court Monday that the actor instigated the attack, reports celebrity website TMZ.

Wilson's lawyer argues that the case is a cover-up and has requested from DiCaprio a toxicology report from the night of the attack as well as medical records and any possible rap sheet.

The fight that led to DiCaprio's face being slashed and requiring stitches started, according to Wilson, when she admittedly taunted the actor, referring to him and his friends as "a bunch of f*gs." Her lawyer claims that DiCaprio became enraged and approached Wilson threateningly after she suggested, "Why don't you go [sodomize] each other."

DiCaprio's lawyer Blair Berk called the accusations "outrageous lies and a classic case of trying to re-victimize a victim in a violent assault."

Berk added, "That this woman became a fugitive from justice for five years to avoid responsibility and that Mr. DiCaprio has fully cooperated with the prosecution from Day 1 should say everything. This woman has a long criminal history of violent criminal attacks on others and should be given no attention whatsoever."

Wilson, who reportedly has a history of violence, fled the country following the incident with DiCaprio and had been on the run for five years before being apprehended in Canada earlier this year. She is currently in Los Angeles being held on $150,000 bail and awaiting trial.
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