Leonardo DiCaprio Slasher Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Attack at 2005 Hollywood house party may also get assailant deported back to Canada after completing her sentence.

Aretha Wilson, the woman charged with slashing Leonardo DiCaprio's face at a Hollywood house party five years ago, was sentenced to two years in state prison Tuesday, reports the Associated Press.

Wilson's assault with a broken glass reportedly left the Inception star with 17 stitches and occurred as the actor was leaving a small party in June 2005. After the attack, the 40-year-old assailant fled to her Canadian homeland before being extradited back to L.A., where she has been incarcerated since July.

She entered a plea to assault with a deadly weapon on Nov. 12 after learning that DiCaprio agreed to testify against her. If the case went to trial, Wilson could have faced four yeas in prison.

Her attorney, Freddy Sayegh, said his client will likely be incarcerated for only about six months due to time already served. It is expected that Wilson will be deported to Canada after completing her sentence.