Leonardo DiCaprio Warns of "Catastrophic" Pollution in New Documentary

Leonardo DiCaprio
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

DiCaprio is a best actor contender for The Wolf of Wall Street, which is also nominated for best picture, best adapted screenplay and best achievement in directing.

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' star is sinking his teeth into ridding the world of carbon waste

Leonardo DiCaprio sounds pretty angry about pollution in a new short film narrated by the actor.

In Carbon, the first in a series of environmental documentaries from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the actor advocates the taxing of corporations for carbon pollution and moving toward renewable industry — warning of "catastrophic" consequences if we don't. 

"We no longer need the dead economy of the fossil fuel industry," DiCaprio says in the film. 

DiCaprio is already known for his environmental work, with his foundation donating $3 million to ocean conservation earlier this year. 

The new documentary series aims to put pressure on world leaders leading up to the UN Climate Summit, which takes place in New York next month. Find more information on the documentary series here