Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian Look-Alike Featured in Vodka Ad

Russian Leonardo Di Caprio in Vodka Ad

Moscow-region emergency services officer Roman Burtsev has become a minor local celebrity in the wake of DiCaprio's Oscar win for 'The Revenant.'

Roman Burtsev, a portly Russian Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike, has begun to capitalize on his newly acquired fame by starring in a local vodka commercial.

The ad for Pyat Ozer (Five Lakes) Vodka, starts with Burtsev looking at himself in the rearview mirror of his luxury car to which is attached a photo of the real DiCaprio. As the camera pans down, we see Burstev is wearing a cheap tracksuit over his rather ample gut.

The voiceover notes that everything in the ad is fake: "a fake DiCaprio" driving "a fake BMW," talking on "a fake iPhone" and with his "fake model girlfriend" next to him. Only the vodka is authentic. The ad finishes with Burtsev dumping his car, girl and phone and rowing off into the wilderness, like DiCaprio's Hugh Glass character in The Revenant

Burtsev, a 33-year-old emergency service officer from the Moscow region, came to prominence in Russia during this year's Oscar campaign. The Russian coverage of the Academy Awards focused on DiCaprio, and the media jumped at the chance to show off their local look-alike. Burtsev was a regular feature of Russian Oscar coverage, even appearing on a reality show on the Moskva 24 television network.

Taking advantage of his 15 minutes of fame, Burtsev launched an Instagram account on which he posts pictures of himself posing as various characters played by DiCaprio in movies such as Titanic and The Revenant.

But while Burtsev owes his fame to DiCaprio, he doesn't seem to be in awe of the Hollywood star.

"He got an Oscar? So what?" he was quoted as saying by the Russian news website life.ru after this year's Oscars. "This is just a useless piece of metal. Leo doesn't have the most important thing, which is a family."