'Leo's Red Carpet Rampage': The Satirical Web Game Taking Aim at the Oscars

Courtesy of The Line Animation

Can Leo outrace Bryan Cranston, avoid Lady Gaga and leap over dangerous icebergs? You decide!

Following social media outcry surrounding the lack of diversity in nominations for the 2016 Academy Awards, it's apparently now time for #OscarsSoWhite: The Video Game. Or, to give it the official title, Leo's Red Carpet Rampage.

The problem of finding the elusive black nominee in a crowd of white faces is just one of the many tasks found in the satirical web game, released Tuesday by British multimedia group The Line Animation, which also allows players to race "Bryan Cranston as Trumbo," dodging paparazzi on the way, while trying to grab additional awards to gain extra points. (If gamers are agile enough, they can attain the coveted "SAG AWARD COMBO!")

Red Carpet Rampage's official description instructs players to "collect as many Emmys and Golden Globes as you can along the way, but beware of pushy photographers and watch out for Lady Gaga … and icebergs." And sure enough, Gaga does indeed show up as an obstacle during a race with Eddie Redmayne, in full The Danish Girl outfit.

In between the individual race levels, the game offers additional tasks alongside the hunt to uncover the black nominee, including crawling to the car during a Quaalude overdose and having to reach a particular intensity in an "Act Harder" challenge. There's also a challenge to write Leonardo DiCaprio's acceptance speech, just in case he's successful in his action-packed quest.

Will any of this actually help the real Leo get his award? It's unlikely, but we won't know until the Oscar ceremony on Feb. 28, for sure.