'Les Intouchables' Boosts Gaumont’s First Semester Results

The breakout hit has sold millions of tickets across the globe and saw the French film company’s revenue reach 50.1 million euros

Gaumont is seeing la vie en rose again with the French film company boasting a 49 percent increase in revenue for the first semester of 2012. Despite a reported loss of €600,000 ($735,000) by June 2011, the group has rebounded thanks to colossal global success for breakout hit Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano’s The Intouchables.

The film, a Weinstein Company acquisition stateside, sold 19.3 million tickets in France and close to 20 million across French borders. The film is set for a U.S. remake starring Colin Firth. Gaumont revenue hit €50.1 million ($61.4 million)

The film was made for just €10 million ($12.3 million), but Gaumont has made €20 million($14.6 million) on the production according to French newspaper Le Figaro called the film “Gaumont’s jackpot.”

Gaumont just released local comedy Les Kaira on July 11 that has already proven to be a box office success with more than 600,000 tickets sold and is banking on Noemie Lvovsky’s Cannes title Camille Rewinds in September and Kad Merad’s But Who Killed Pamela Rose in December. The company, run by Nicolas Seydoux, will release 12 titles in 2013. 

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