'Les Miserables' Featurette Touts Live Singing, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway (Video)

An early look at the musical adaptation offers up behind-the-scenes footage and excited interviews.

For all its pedigree (Victor Hugo! Broadway!), its acting talent (Jackman! Hathaway! Crowe!) and breathtaking set design, the thing that Universal wants you to remember most about Les Miserables, it seems, is its music. 

The singing, you see, is done live.

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This extended look at the upcoming, Tom Hooper-directed musical adaptation offers plenty over which to salivate, but its main point of emphasis is that, unlike most musicals on screen, its talented cast sang while acting. That means, as Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Jackman put it, the performers can make their acting decisions while in the heat of the moment, instead of before filming ever starts.

The film features plenty of exciting follicle decisions, as well, including Jackman's scraggly beard and Hathaway's butchered semi-shave. Don't be alarmed; they clean up real well.

Les Miserables hits theaters on Christmas.