Leslie Grossman Never Expected Ryan Murphy to Hire Her for 'American Horror Story'

"It's not a place I ever thought Ryan would plug me into, to be perfectly honest."

Leslie Grossman has landed herself in a prestigious group of recurring actors, including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as she prepares for the apocalypse in her second appearance on Ryan Murphy’s Emmy award-winning anthology series, American Horror Story.

The FX staple entered its eighth season earlier this month with the debut of AHS: Apocalypse and Grossman marked her return as the stylish heiress Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, whose wealth allows her to survive the unimaginable.

“The truth is I don't even know what's going to happen, so I'm not quite sure where everything's going to end up which is sort of exciting,” Grossman told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio. Murphy’s execution is often clouded in secrecy and castmembers remain equally as surprised by the show's evolving, unpredictable arch as viewers. "I don't know from week to week what's going to happen. I waited for the new scripts, like a person watching TV waits for the new episodes. I'm a fan just like anyone else is.”

Grossman's character, a comic relief, embodies the worst aspects of society, but the actress noted that Coco will begin to peel back a few layers and show that there is more than meets the eye.

"[She] doesn't deserve [to survive] and really brings nothing to the table in terms of repopulating the earth or saving the most important special people. Coco should have been taken out with the garbage," Grossman joked. 

The actress admitted that she came to the set with an elevated level of excitement since she was able to work with Dame Joan Collins, an alum of the iconic soap opera Dynasty

"I didn't know what to expect and I thought she'll probably be sort of cold and just want to do her thing. She is fantastic. She's everything you want her to be and more," says Grossman. 

A frequent Murphy collaborator, Grossman rose to fame in 1999 as a supporting character in the showrunner's first televised series, Popular, and later returned in a recurring capacity on his follow-up, Nip/Tuck. The actress revealed that she never expected her longtime employer to plug her into the world of horror and it came as a surprise to be invited to the seventh season of AHS.

"I'm usually a comedic, funny lady, but I think that he's really figured out a way to put me in that's really clever and works well," said Grossman. "When he first brought it up to me last year about Cult, I was just totally blown away. It's not the show that I ever thought he was going to want to put me into. So I'm having the best time."

Watch the video above to hear Grossman reveal a hidden secret about her hair and makeup in the premiere, her favorite thing about co-star Billy Eichner and more.