Leslie Jones and Dr. Phil Play "Truth or Lie" on 'The Tonight Show'

Courtesy of NBC

Jimmy Fallon is throughly amused by the entire ordeal.

Leslie Jones and Dr. Phil delighted Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show audience on Wednesday when they played a game of "Truth or Lie" together.

Earlier in the show, Dr. Phil had showed off his human lie-detector skills with the host. Fallon played "Two Truths and a Lie," and Dr. Phil correctly guessed which of his statements was a lie. His options were, "I attended the final taping of Seinfeld," "I have never seen the movie Titanic" and "My pickup truck has a working popcorn machine in the back."

Fallon invited Dr. Phil to sit with him and Leslie Jones, telling Jones that Dr. Phil is "the best" at figuring out whether people are lying or not.

"I got chased through a drive-through by a car," she said, adding, "on a date." 

Dr. Phil asked some follow-up questions about where the date was (McDonald's) and what she ordered.

"I ordered a sundae with no nuts because he wanted to hit me with his," said Jones, keeping a straight face the entire time. Fallon got up and almost walked offstage as the audience laughed.

Dr. Phil guessed correctly that Jones was telling the truth, to which Fallon responded by declaring them both "amazing."