Leslie Jones Freaks Out Over Kelly Ripa, Drops F-Bomb on 'Live With Kelly'

Leslie Jones Live With Kelly And Michael TV Screenshot H 2016
Screenshot/ive! with Kelly and Michael Tv Show/YouTube

The 'SNL' and 'Ghostbusters' star couldn't control her enthusiasm when she met Ripa, whom she'd long been a fan of.

Leslie Jones freaked out over Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba when the Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star appeared on Tuesday's Live With Kelly.

A great deal of screaming and hugging took place as the actress wasn't shy about showing that she was a fan of both women. Of Ripa, Jones said, "You're so beautiful!" As for Inaba, Jones recalled that she went up to the Dancing With the Stars judge at a Best Buy in California a while back and told her, "They do not give you justice on TV!"

"She was so fly! She had this skirt on, her legs were tanned," Jones continued, dancing a bit as she said that Inaba looked like she'd just performed a dance routine.

But Jones wasn't done. It seems she's been a fan of Ripa's since the actress' early days on All My Children, even calling the talk-show host by her character's nickname of "Porkchop." She gushed over Ripa's performance on All My Children and how she was thrilled when she joined Live.

Ripa and Inaba seemed genuinely touched and amused by Jones' praise, laughing and smiling while appearing a bit overwhelmed.

Jones calmed down as the conversation shifted to talking about Ghostbusters and her recent memorable "Naked and Afraid" SNL sketch with Peter Dinklage. But later, as Jones was discussing her premiere-dress drama, she may have forgotten she was on live broadcast TV, as she let an F-word slip out before she realized what she had said and covered her mouth. It was too late, though. Even though Ripa and Inaba insisted they got it and bleeped it out, the audio came through uncensored in New York and in an unofficial YouTube clip posted shortly after Tuesday's Live aired on the East Coast.

"I picked up the phone and I was like, 'I can't believe these designers aren't f—ing with—'" Jones said before realizing she'd cursed on the air.

She explained that she was surprised that she ended up in a situation where she didn't have a designer who was able to make her dress (that is, before she took to Twitter to complain about it and Christian Siriano volunteered his services).

Jones explained that she had two designers who were going to make her a dress, but they bowed out at the last minute. So she called her stylist, Brian McPhatter, and asked if they had a dress yet, and he said they didn't and would have to go shopping. But she didn't want to spend $10,000 on a dress she'd wear only once.

"It was one of those things where I picked up my phone and was like, 'Why are designers—I'm on SNL,'" Jones said of her tweets about her lack of a premiere outfit. "I'm not trying to say that in a conceited way or 'I'm a star' or anything like that. But it's a big movie. And real talk: I want to look nice."

"Maybe I'm naive -- I just thought, 'Oh Donna Karan's gonna call me. I'm going to get all kinds of calls. From Valentin-, Donna Karan.' Nobody called me," Jones added, shortly before she cursed.

Ripa ended the interview on a positive note telling Jones of designers, "Now they're going to call you."