Leslie Moonves Reveals He Became a Patriots Fan Thanks to Locker Room Hangout With Tom Brady

"Most people — men or women — they like doing that," jokes the CBS chief

Leslie Moonves is one of Hollywood's most powerful men, so it makes sense that some of his favorite art would also be about powerful men.

The CBS chief says The Godfather is his favorite film, and ranks The Sopranos as his among his favorite TV shows (he is also partial to Seinfeld, Cheers and E.R.).

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"It's about family, business, competition and loyalty," he says of The Godfather.

Moonves also reveals that he became a New England Patriots fan partially because of his friendship with owner Robert Kraft, and the perks that come with knowing the owner.

"I became a fan of that team after getting to hang out with Tom Brady in the locker room. It's a pretty cool thing," Moonves says with a laugh. "Most people — men or women — they like doing that."

Watch the video above for more from Moonves, and read his full cover story from the Oct. 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine here.