'Lethal Weapon' Actress Michelle Mitchenor on Being Discovered by Spike Lee

The actress also revealed that she thought she "messed up" her 'Lethal Weapon' audition, as well as her dream guest stars.

Michelle Mitchenor, who stars in Fox's Lethal Weapon, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her "strong" and "powerful" character, her audition story and being discovered by Spike Lee.

With season two of Lethal Weapon coming to a close, Mitchenor raved about being a part of the television adaption of the film franchise, saying, "I adore being a part of this cast and being a part of this storytelling simply because we've take this iconic movie franchise and we've made it our own, and it has just been such a blessing to bring it to life."

The actress reveals that while she didn't make her debut on the show until the second episode, she thought she bombed her audition after strolling in in baggy jeans, Timberlands and fake dreadlocks.

"I went in with this attitude. I read what they were saying about her being tough and from Cali," she told THR. "So when I walked in the room and every other actress was suited and booted as a detective should be. I was like, 'OK, maybe I went too far.' So I went in feeling like, 'OK, well, just have fun at this point. You're here.'"

After not hearing anything for over a week, she finally got the call she was waiting for. "They called me on a Friday and were like, 'Can she come in today, but can she just clean up? Wear a button-up?'" she laughed.

Prior to sporting detective gear on Fox, Mitchenor's big break happened thanks to Spike Lee and the video game NBA 2K16. Back in 2015, the actress barely had a dime to her name, quit her "rat race" of a job and had heard the word no one too many times. She walked into the audition for Lee's film component to the video game determined to get some good news.

"When I was driving there that morning I was like, 'I am getting this role. I'm not leaving without this W. I'm going to get this win,'" she said. "I just kept telling myself that and here we are."

She added, "I'm just so grateful for just having that belief in myself and belief in my abilities that even if I didn't get that audition, I just knew something was coming for me, and I had to just sacrifice and take this risk."