How 'Let's Make a Deal' Plans to Break Into Virtual Reality

Courtesy of CBS

The show is introducing a series of VR components that will invite audiences into a 3D behind-the-scenes experience.

Since Let's Make a Deal's inception in 1963 the variety game show has transformed its content considerably over the years. And now the Wayne Brady-hosted series is starting to break into virtual reality.

Pegged to Halloween on Tuesday, the show has revealed a series shot in 360-degree 3D video that introduces a way for fans at home to actually step foot inside the studio from the comfort of their homes.

Producer Jersey Feimster told The Hollywood Reporter of the newest addition to the show: "It is a virtual-reality experience as the host of Let's Make a Deal. Viewers can step into Wayne Brady's shoes and get a 3D perspective of being the host of the show." 

He added, "this is an opportunity for Let's Make a Deal to use new technology to engage with our home audience. They'll feel like they're stepping right onto the Let's Make a Deal stage without even leaving their home."


Said Brady, "They'll see the costumes and will experience the craziness that the audience can bring first hand." 

The longtime CBS show is slated to unveil a total of 15 VR behind-the-scenes experiences that will be introduced throughout the season with the Halloween episode being the first one. 

The newest development comes a month after the death of the show's original host Monty Hall

As for how Brady plans to evolve the series going forward the host quips, "We'll continue Monty's legacy of making people smile and changing liveswith my comedy spin on it, of course. If it ain't broke ..." 

Fans of the series can test out a version the show's newest feature below.