Letter from Anonymous: Network Execs a 'Bunch of Raptors,' Studio Heads Worse

Current issue of The Hollywood Reporter features nameless exec unloading true inner feelings.

Network executives, agents and studio heads all take a bruising from a top industry executive in a revealing anonymous letter featured in this week's The Hollywood Reporter.

THR protected the identity of the insider in order to tap into the person's true feelings about this "town without pity."

Network executives took a blast: "They look like a bunch of milquetoasts, but in private you never saw such a bunch of raptors," the letter states.

"Nothing makes these guys happier than the failure of their friends," the letter continues -- before detailing a story of a bunch of "friends" in the business making a late-night bet to see who could be the first one to tell another exec that he had been fired.

"The guy who won reached the victim at sunrise," according to the letter. "That winner, by the way, was himself hosed from his network job a couple of years later."

As for studio heads: "They make the network suits look like the Dalai Lama.

"They've got memories as long as a herd of pachyderms and fangs as sharp as Bill O'Reilly's…their bite is almost always fatal."

For more of this letter pick up the current issue of THR. Subscribers can access the letter and the entire issue here.