Letter from Editor Elizabeth Guider


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At last year's Women in Entertainment power breakfast, Lifetime's Andrea Wong extolled the importance of mentorship. Successful women in Hollywood, she told us, have a responsibility to shepherd the next generation of young leaders.

That got us thinking.

At a time when economic and social ills seem particularly pernicious -- when the ranks of the underprivileged, the under-employed and the just plain unlucky have so swelled -- it cannot be governments alone that solve problems.

We must help solve them, too.

Because The Hollywood Reporter has enjoyed a unique relationship with the entertainment community for eight decades, we started to ask ourselves: Why can't we demonstrate our commitment to positive change by enlisting some of the town's most influential women to jumpstart the lives of deserving young girls?

Today, in association with the nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters, we proudly launch an inaugural mentorship program pairing 12 high-achieving girls from inner-city schools with 12 of the top executives in the film and television industries.

You can read all about the girls and the program in the pages that follow, along with our annual Power 100 list of the most influential execs and everything that makes the Women in Entertainment issue a Hollywood tradition 18 years and running.

Giving back is something that entertainment figures have always done. But rarely have such efforts been so needed as now. We at THR are committed to this community, to inspiring those that work with and for it. Now, together with these inaugural mentors, we have a chance to widen that circle of influence and embrace a group less fortunate.

That is what power should be all about.

-- Elizabeth Guider
Editor, The Hollywood Reporter