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Ah, the exuberance of youth. Picasso painted his "Picador" at age 9, Mozart was composing symphonies before he turned 10, and French intellectual Blaise Pascal was writing papers on Euclidian math at 12. Closer to home, Irving Thalberg was running production at Universal at the tender age of 21, and Orson Welles was directing "Citizen Kane" at 25.

Today, our industry has its own prodigious wonders, and if they've yet to scale the heights of Thalberg and Welles, their potential is limitless, and no one's going to argue that such accomplishments aren't within their sights. (Euclid himself doesn't have anything on the complexities of today's multimedia contracts.)

We're proud to celebrate their achievements in The Hollywood Reporter's 13th edition of The Next Generation, our annual issue profiling 35 executives age 35 and under. From the bustling agency suites to the corridors of power at the studios and networks, these are the cream of the crop -- the rising executive talent that will shape the industry in the coming years.

While that has always been our mandate, the rapid change taking place in the entertainment business today provides an even more immediate and fundamental opportunity for these young executives to change and even potentially transform the landscape.

"Multitask Masters" makes clear that these days, a single-discipline approach to the business just doesn't cut it, and a working knowledge of all aspects of entertainment is vital to building a successful career.

For a firsthand look at what it takes to get on the fast track to success, see "Hollywood How-Tos," a roundtable dialogue with Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Mike Darnell, FX Networks' Nick Grad, Legendary Pictures' Jon Jashni, WMA's Charles King and Sony Pictures Digital's Yair Landau. As King so succinctly puts it, "If you are doing business the same way it has been done the last 20 years, you are going to be left behind."

Creativity is the currency of the day, the ante it takes to get into the game. As everyone in Hollywood knows, playing to win is the only option. The talented individuals celebrated in this issue understand that better than anyone else. We congratulate them on their tenacity, vision and dedication and wish them the best with the challenges ahead.

John J. Kilcullen
Publisher, The Hollywood Reporter

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