Letterman to interview Twitter co-founder

Will discuss social media at host's alma mater in September

David Letterman will interview Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

The "Late Show With  David Letterman" host -- who just celebrated his 17th year on air -- will lead the conversation about social media at his alma matter Ball State University on Sept. 17.

It's part of the David Letterman Distinguished Professional Lecture and Workshop Series, which was established in 2008.

Tickets will only be available to students, faculty and staff.  A live telecast will be shown on campus.

"It really is, to me, a perfect fit," said Tom Taylor, Ball State's vice president for enrollment and marketing. "[Twitter] is having a real impact on the way human begins communicate and I think it's something that Dave's interested in exploring."

Kevin Spacey first showed Letterman Twitter during an interview on the Late Show in July 2009.