Letterman jokes about Rick Sanchez again

Top 10 list of excuses for former CNN correspondent

David Letterman chimed in on the Rick Sanchez CNN firing on the "Late Show" Monday night after making a remark about the situation at a Comedy Central event over the weekend.

On Monday, Letterman admitted to not knowing about Sanchez before he got fired by CNN after calling Jon Stewart a bigot and making comments about Jewish people in the media.

Letterman's top 10 list featured possible Sanchez excuses.

They included:.
No. 9: Didn't think it was possible to get fired from a network noone watches.
No. 8: Just trying to get some publicity for my Twitter
No. 4: Trying to impress Mel Gibson
No. 2: Accidentally took a handful of Larry King's heart pills
No. 1: Hate-filled rant was an audition for Fox News.

Check out the video of Letterman's Top Ten.

Jon Stewart on Monday also brought up Sanchez on his show.
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