Letterman makes Winfrey 'Top 10' list


NEW YORK -- David Letterman, who appeared on the season premiere of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, brought one of his trademark Top 10 lists titled, "Top 10 Reasons I love Oprah."

-- No. 10: She smells great.
-- No. 9: Without her, we would have never known that quack Dr. Phil.
-- No. 8: She helped me start my wildly popular D magazine.
-- No. 7: We're yoga buddies.
-- No. 6: Oprah's incredibly busy, yet she always finds time to ignore my calls.
-- No. 5: She agreed to validate my parking.
-- No. 4: Taught me how to launder money in the Cayman Islands.
-- No. 3: Anytime I'm in Chicago, she lets me crash on her couch.
-- No. 2: Oprah gave me my first post-surgery sponge bath.
-- No. 1: She's giving everybody in today's audience a new house.